The referendum, was held in November, and we are delighted to inform you that the City of York Executive on 20th December formally 'made' the Rufforth with Knapton Neighbourhood Plan. This means it is now part of the Development Plan for the York are and must be used by City of York Council in arriving at planning decisions. The final version can be found below - Adopted Version.

The Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Version 2018) has been submitted to the City of York Council (CYC) and to an independent examiner who has produced a report. The Plan has now been revised following these recommendations - see Plan post Examiner's comments. It has been finalised and approved by CYC - see Referendum Version.


We have been progressing with our work on the Rufforth with Knapton Neighbourhood Plan and had hoped at this stage to put the Plan out to residents for formal consultation. However we have been recently informed by City of York Council that we are required to produce a Strategic Environmental Assessment report which must be completed before we go out for consultation. Work has commenced on this task but it will take some time resulting in consultation on the Plan being later this year. In the light of this and to provide you with the opportunity to see the work. The Draft of the Plan can now be viewed in the documents section.


The Neighbourhood plan is approaching completion. We hope a draft version will be available to view here online by the end of February

Wed 31st Aug 2016

The Neighbourhood Planning Group will be holding a “drop in” meeting at The Village Institute on WEDNESDAY 31st AUGUST from 4:00pm to 8:00pm to discuss our plans and how they relate to the York Local Plan and most importantly provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions and give us your views. Following this we will formulate our response to the City of York consultation and circulate for information.

11th June 2016

We are making good progress with producing our Neighbourhood plan for the Parish and hope to have a document ready for formal consultation within the next few months. We would like to take the opportunity to update you on some aspects of our work to date and more importantly hear your views. The idea of a neighbourhood plan is that it reflects the views of the whole community and woud appreciate any feedback you have to: 

Details of proposals can be found below or in the documents section

14th April 2016

The Neighbourhood Planning Group has submitted a response to the Harewood Whin planning application. The response can be found below along with the plans, proposed revisions to the site entrance and the Neighbourhood Planning Group's letter to CYC. 


You may wish to make your own comments on the application and you can do so on line via the link to the planning application, via post: Planning Submissions, City of York Council West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA, or


In order for your comments or objections to be registered, you must include: your name; your contact address; the reference number of the application; or the address of the property to which your comments 

7th January 2016

The Neighbourhood Planning Group has submitted a response to the Consultation on the Mineral and Waste Joint Plan. As always in these situations it is more effective if as many individuals as possible submit responses and in their own words. There is an official response form which can be found at and responses must be submitted by 15TH JANUARY. Obviously it is up to each individual to respond in the way you see fit to the issues that concern you

27th September 2015

Information from the questionnaires has been used to produce a report which has now been distributed. We have identified key issues for our Neighbourhood Plan. For each of these areas we are writing policies on which the the plan will be based.



6th July 2015

Following the consultation period, the boundary for Rufforth and Knapton has been approved.

We have received an excellent response rate to the questionnaires of 72% and are now undertaking the analysis.




22nd June 2015

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time and trouble to complete the survey. We are now commencing the task of transferring the responses to a database for further detailed analysis. 

For anybody who has been on holiday or who has not yet returned their questionnaire there is still time to do so and we will be able to accept them for the next couple of weeks.  Please return them to your distributor.

If for any reason you have not received a questionnaire please contact us and we will arrange one for you.


12th june 2015

The next stage of the process is the distribution of questionnaires to every household in the Parish to assess and collate the views of the community on a wide range of issues such as the character of the villages, amenities and facilities, and potential future developments. This is a vitally important stage as the results of this survey will form the basis of the Plan which we will write , A Neighbourhood Plan must reflect the views of the whole community not just of those volunteers producing the Plan and we are determined that this will be the case for the Rufforth and Knapton Plan. Equally the results help provide the evidence required to support the need perhaps for some additional  facility or indeed why a proposed development is inappropriate

A response from every household will ensure we have a Plan which really represents the views of your community and with real weight behind our eventual proposals .

11th May 2015

Rufforth and Knapton Parish Council’s Neighborhood Plan application and boundary began a 4 week consultation period which allows people who live, work and conduct business in the area to comment on the application and boundary.



January 2015

Rufforth and Knapton Parish Council wrote to the Council to formally submit an application for designation of a neighborhood plan area in order to allow them to subsequently draft a Neighborhood plan for Rufforth and Knapton.



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